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Service Offerings

Cyber Operations

IO.jpgMeriTec provides critical computer network defense for customers throughout the Air Force.  MeriTec personnel perform Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention analysis, network event correlation, and incident response analysis.  MeriTec was instrumental in the development of the Integrated Network Defense System (INDS).  We are also versed in teh development of plans, processes, tactics, techniques and procedures required to operate Cyber Operations cells.

Intelligence Support

Research.jpgMeriTec's intelligence experts support various Intel Community efforts by fusing all-source intelligence and assessing current and projected capabilities, intentions, and employment of potential adversaries.  MeriTec also produces actionable intelligence data analysis/modeling enabling national policy, strategic and tactical decision making.  Multi-domain intelligence is gathered, formatted, and distributed to Combatant Commands to support operations.  Our team also is experienced in non-attributable open-source data-mining and analysis.

Information Technology

ServicesMain.jpgMeriTec's technologiests support IT efforts from the lowest to the highest levels.  We provide web design, database development, system administration, software development, Medical IT, and end-user help desk support.  MeriTec has staff expertise in Oracle, SharePoint, ArcGIS, and multiple software development environments.


Information Assurance

Training.jpgMeriTec manages key customer system tests, performs vulnerability assessments on current and to-be-deployed Air Force systems, develops network security plans, and assists with Certification and Accreditation (now Assessment and Authorization) of customer systems based on DOD's DIACAP (now RMF) requirements.  MeriTec's experts understand current and future network technologies and help customers have a proactive informaiton proection posture.

Information Operations

IT.jpgMeriTec performs Electronic Warfare modeling, simulation, and analysis involving state-of-the-art automated data mining, and analysis, correlation, and visualization products.  The team leverages geospatial mapping capabilities to help visualize results and illustrate the interaction of tactics, techniques, orientation, terrain, weather, and RF systems.  MeriTec also provides analyses of the global information environment, specialized IO Mission Planning, and support for exercises within and outside the continental United States.

Knowledge Management

ProgramMgmt.jpgMeriTec information specialists plan, design, coordinate, and manage unique and vital digital information dissemination systems of use to a worldwide audience.  Our personnel research and analyze new approaches and formulate communications resources and processes.  MeriTec also supports international large-scale IO and Cyber warfare conference and workshop events we also support the dissemination of knowledge by providing training services to various customers across the DOD.